Of The Soul

The plight of humankind is remarkable. Clumsy. Fragile. Apes. Yet of all possible beings throughout all possible realities they alone bear in themselves the keys to godhood. Flesh and spirit – two parts which compose their kind, yet rarely make them whole.

No. Wholeness for them is found in relation to one another. Relationships between companions, mates, offspring, and community brings them to a form of wholeness which must then be mirrored within themselves. When the flesh fails, their spirit transforms. Though the spirit may dawdle for a time, more often than not, the soul recast itself, subdues itself once again in flesh to begin the journey anew.

On rare occasions the spirit remembers, in part, former experiences. Abilities, which can only be attributed to the Spark of Life carried in the soul, bleed through; elevating the lowly ape. Theories abound as to the meaning of such elevation – some even suggesting when a soul fails to reenter their world (or remain for a time incorporeal) they have transcended beyond all dimensions and realities, or have fallen into a state of eternal undoing. These, however, are only theories.

We that are elevated, high above such lowly apes, are perplexed at best. At worst? Well, let us not dwell on such things.

Published by

St Basil Z Fish

Curator of the strange and incredibly awkward. A rambling writer with the misguided notion he has something to say. Attracted to horror. Survivor of abuse. Professional Insomniac. PTSD and MDD misguided.

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